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October 22 & 23, 1918.

October 22, 1918:

Dear Sister Received your most welcome letter was glad to receive it for it has been some time since you wrote me. I guess you are glad that school is not going on now. Well what is Zelma doing now reading I guess as same as ever. Veda what size of blouse do you wear. Send me your size and I will send you a Sailor blouse to wear. What did Rex say in his letter. I guess he likes it there fine. I wont mind being there with him. How is old Hope. As dull as ever I guess? This is fine but I shore would like to be at home to day.

It shore would be nice to be there now will tell papa to write me next time as I want to hear from him to and Zelma also. What do you know about it I have been away from there about five moth now it don’t seem like it either.

Well I must ring off so by, by, with loving kisses.

Your loving Brother,

Alfred N. Green

October 23, 1918:

Dearest Mama received your most welcome letter to day. I am well and hope this will find you and Papa and the girls well. It was certainly bad about Orean Means a dying. There has been a lot of sickness here but it is getting to where there is not so much now. Although we are still under quaranteened. I don’t know for how long but hope not very long. There shore is a lot of sickness at San Francisco now. I was just talking to Cody and Ragan they are all right .

I hope I will get to make a boat as quick as the quarantine is raised. I haven’t heard from Rex for some time I thought maybe he was sick but glad that he is not. Will write him again. I don’t know you haven’t been getting my letters for I have been writing a mood many. Yes I guess there is several of the boys in France wish I were over there too. Altho the Navy life is fine. Well I must ring off as I don’t know nothing to write soon your loving Son, Alfred N. Green

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