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October 16, 1945.

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Deauville, France

Oct. 16, 1945

Dear Mom and Selam:

Now I am at Deauville -- and what a set up this is. It is a resort town, right on the coast. I can see the ocean from my window on the third floor of our villa. There is nothing small about this outfit, the requisitioned one of the best. It has about 20 rooms. We have two bathrooms on our floor, a lavatory -- hot + cold water -- in a little room joining ours where we can wash and shave, a closet to hang our clothes. There are two other fellows in the room with me -- both good Joes.

We sleep on beds with mattresses. And the chow -- oo-la-la. It’s cooked by a French chef who knows how and served by 3 waitresses. We eat out of dishes and cups -- not mess-kits. The silverware is kind of mixed up -- the forks are from the U.S. Navy, the knives are German, they have the eagle and swastika stamped on the handle -- and the spoons are about ⅓ as large as a teaspoon. They have longer spoons when we have soup -- yeah -- we had soup tonight. First time since I’ve been over here.

Deauville hasn’t been damaged by the war. It is some well fortified - pillboxes on the street corners facing the beach, barb wire, and lots of mines -- both sea and land mines. They are exploding them all day long. Some of the large ones jar the whole building.

I’m working around the supply room. Got 2 German P.W.’s to do the work. This morning I took them over to sweep out a big house that some officers had moved out of. The 544 Q.M. and a few M.P.’s are all of the G.D.s’s there are here, the M.P.’s are moving out next week. This afternoon we straightened up the supply room. Picked the different items up so we can find them when we want them. Paint, shovels, picks, 10 in 1 rations, insecticides, mattress covers, etc. Found 4 boxes of grenades and a box of ammunition that will be turned over to Ordinance. We are getting some new clothes -- to replace those we have that is worn out. One suit of O.P.s, socks, heavy underwear, handkerchiefs, sleeping bag. It is nice and warm here yet. Lots of flowers are still blooming in the garden. They leaves are beginning to fall though. How is it back home -- any snow yet?



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