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November 29, 1918.

Dearest Mama will write you a few words to let you all know that i am well and feeling fine hope this will find you the same way.

We shore did have some Thanksgiving dinner on the boats had ever thing in the line of fruits and all types of Turkey and all of the pie and cake we could eat shore did fair fine. Well I have made a boat at last. I am on it now have been on it for a few day. As far as I know now it is going down south somewhere around Mexico and Panama Canal.

I am just crazy for it to start.

I haven’t heard from you all for several days did you get my last letter.

I will write you when we we pull out the shop that I am has six big guns and two small ones. The name of it is the Vicksburg. Well I will try and write to Rex be fore I leave hear maybe he will get to be home be fore long.

I think it will be four or five months be fore I can get out.

Well tell them all hello for me and give them my best greetings.

I hope to be able to tell you about some of the sites I have seen be fore long.

Well there is no news so I will close for this time.

Answer soon all of you with a big letter for it gives me courage to read your letters.

Your loving Sailor Son,

Alfred N. Green

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