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November 26, 1918.

Dearest Mama and Sisters

Received your most welcome letter this morning was sertenly glad indeed to hear from you all and to know that you were all well.

I am still well and feeling fine. Got a letter from Rex the other day said he was getting along fine know we can’t tell when we will get turned loose it may not be very long and then it might be five or six months.

I can get a furlough transferring to the regular navy but I don’t know weather I want to or not altho it would be pretty nice to stay in the navy and to go and see some of the country on the other side of the pond, which I would like to do. But four years seems a long time. What do you and Papa think about it. Do you think I had better stay in the reserve and get out when I can or transfer to the regular?

Well we shore did celebrate when we heard peace at been declared.

They lifted the quarantine here last Wednesday and ave a general liberty to every one on the Island that wasn’t on duty. I was on duty Saturday and SUnday so I didn’t get to go will have to wait till next Saturday.

I think Rex and the boys in the arms will get out before we will. Ragan Brewer and Cody French is still heare. I was talking to Ragan just a while a go said he hasn’t heard from home for some time.

Some of the boys hear are putting in for the discharge now. Don’t know whether it will do my good are not.

I thank they have got to have a affidavit to show that they were going to school are had a job are was farming. If I would up for a discharge could you have a affidavit made out to show that I was farming and I think I could get out on that. Well I will let you all know what I decide to do. You all write soon and tell me what you think about it. I won’t do nothing till I hear from you all again.

Well Veda I guess you are learning fast the blouse I am going to send you is a white one with blue collar and blue cuffs are had you rather a blue one. Well be a good little girl. Must ring off hoping this will find you all well.

Write soon and often, your loving Son,

A.N. Green

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