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November 17, 1938.

Darling: --

I guess you missed my not writing last night, didn’t you? Well honey, we worked until it got real dark and came home here and ate, sat around and smoked a little and then went to bed (9:00 o’clock.)

I told you in my other letter that we went to the movies to see Bob Burns, in the The Arkansas Traveler. Well I went but I didn’t see the picture. I went to sleep almost as soon as I hit the seat and slept until the show was over. Gee, I was tired.

Well sweety, tonite I will send my letter from Frenchtown, N.J. Vernie wants to see that town so I guess we’ll go.

Dearest, don’t write to me more than once this week because I won’t be able to get that letter until Friday on our way home. The P.O. is closed until we get in at nite.

Boy if we don’t make better time we won’t get home until Saturday. This is Wednesday nite and we don’t have the Church complete by first coat yet. Of course we have some second coating done though. At places where we had to build rigging we kept it up until we did both coats.

Just keep looking for me Friday nite unless you hear differently from Bill. It will be around 9 o’clock P.M. friday nite when I get home if we finish.

Dearest, I sure hope you are feeling well. Did you get up to the house any time this week. I thought Dad or Jim and Nat might come over and take you up.

Well honey I am well, getting well fed and everything O.K.! You glad, eh?

Always --

With all my love


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