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November 17, 1912.

My Dear Darling

Another week gone and I only sent you one letter know wonder you doubt my love. But Dear one this week was as bad as last one.

I just come from church where I here a good sermon that is a good one for me. It was about not coming to Church and was given by a stranger I did not catch his name.

Oh Darling I am so lonesome how I wish you were here so I could take you in my arms. You would just have to push me away for I couldn’t let you go long enough to do any thing.

Darling when I read your letters about the fortune telling I had a sinking at heart to for just the other night I had and awful dream. I had been knocked down in front of the vault door and when I gained consciousness the door had been painted white to prevent finger prints being taken, when I saw that I went to the door and it was unlocked then I stepped in and the safe had been block open and all the currency and gold had been taken and some of the Dollars. Then I ran to the phone and told Bossman what had happened and fainted away. And when I came to again I was very low and they did not think I could live. Then I woke up every thing was so real that it took me a long while to realize I was in bed I had to feel all over and felt my head but that was alright so I knew I had been dreaming. I don’t know what could have made me dream such a dream for I hadn’t been thinking of any such thing before hand.

Oh Darling how I hope nothing like that happens.

Darling you said in your letter “I would have to hurry and get ahead of that Black man and get enough money to win you.”

You didn’t mean win did you Dear? You meant to say take you.

Oh Darling Girlie how I long to take you now. Oh if I can only make you happy, how happy it will be.

Dear one it is so cold up here I am afraid I will catch cold so I must stop now but I will try and do better than I did last week.

Oh Darling how I have longed for you, how happy I would be to come home to you and have you throw your arms around my neck and kiss me a great big one.

Goodnight my very own and don’t forget how much your Boykins loves you.

Your very own Boykins,


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