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May 20, 1946.

Hello Darling— 

Jeepers! I’m so happy this morning a letter from you– and this afternoon the most wonderful surprise–a parcel of clothes from Lollie. Gosh! I hardly know what to say to her. The dresses are perfect and don’t have to be altered at all– they fit as though tailored for me. Its going to seem awfully queer having a wardrobe almost full with dresses– and just wait till I show my friends– oh brother! I can hardly wait! I bet I’ll have to knit each of them a green sweater they’ll by so jealous! 

And I could hardly believe my eyes when the post-chappie handed me a letter from you. You know dear youre overdoing it– one a week is quite sufficient– but when it comes to every day – well!! You didn’t ought to write quite so often. I remember in your last letter you said “well that’s all for this week”– a month elapses and so– I behold another!! O.K. O.K. I’ll shut-up!!

Those snaps are simply divine dear– just keep sending them!! I love it!!

Its terribly sweet of you to offer to send me some film dear– I’ll really & truly appreciate it. You know the chemists only get an allocation every four to six months (and even then its only their specials that get them!!!!)

But it doesn’t seem right that I should do all the receiving– isn’t there anything at all that I can send you? (no cracks please!!) If there is anything– please don’t hesitate to let me know, I’ll put the size of the film at the end of the letter— thanks a lot!!

I suppose you’re getting over a wow of a hangover after all those weddings? Hope you had a terrific time!!

I read your letter through & through darling and its most sweet of you to put forward all the hardships that I’ll have to encounter when I get over. I’ve turned them all over in my mind a hundred times before, and I’m perfectly sure that its what I want. It’s going to be fun working hard for every little thing we want00 that way people appreciate things a whole lot more. 

I quite agree with you that its going to be awful tough but I’m quite prepared for anything that might come my way. Believe me Harry– do you think I’d be fool enough to play up to you for the change of scenery– in fact it hurt to think that you event thought it. America isn’t my choice of the ideal country– “just for the change”. 

And I want you to know that I’m more than ready to work, for the future. If its hard going then its O.K. by me– and don’t ever again say that “if I’m just playing up”. If there anything that you want to know further about me – then just ask – … and “if there’s anything want to tell me, then – O.K. 

I’ve really given it oodles of thought and I’ve thought only of the hardships. I must admit that you’ve been more the straight with me, not like some G.I.’s.

They spun the girls some of the most fantastic yarns. 

Anyway– my mind is made up– but if there is any doubt whatsoever in yours then please say so!! Enough of that for now and this is the latest that I have heard from my friend in Bath– I’ll quote the exact paragraph from her letter– quote– Laurie (her fiancee) has written to a congressman – that is a friend of his and this morning I received the reply he got, printed at the top of the letter are the words “Congress of the United States, House of Representatives Washington D.C.” – which sounds so official – “rumour squashing”. As far as I can see we are to start moving in July, and, though his point is not verified– we are traveling free “– unquote.

Well what do you think of that? And to quote one of your terms– it won’t be so long– and I’ll be getting my ride over!! OK? I’m so glad you liked the snaps– as for your buddy wanting me to bring across my friend, in the light jacket– how’d he like to write to her– just as a pen friend? It can’t do any harm can it? In fact it would be fun I think– I’ll put her address also at the bottom – just in case!!

So your buddy & sister want to take movies of our first night – eh? Oh!-ho!– we’ll think of something– we’ll shake them–just wait!!

Well my sweet– time I brought this to a finish– and I will write in a couple of days– so till then– be good! My love to the family– and incidentally who’s going to look after you men when Lollie goes to the sea shore? Well kung-ho for now. 


All my love


P.S. The camera takes a 120 Film – O.K.? Thanks

P.P.S.- My friends address in case your buddy would like to just pen-friend with her! […]

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