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June 4, 1946.

Friday…4th June 

Hi Toots!

Sorry I couldn’t finish my letter yesterday, but I was running in the “firm sports” so I had to “beat” it. Well– this morning I had a letter from my Bath friend & guess what? The darling was passing through London– so she went into the Embassy and bullied them for my form & I’ve filled it in & will send it back – then they send me a form that I believe I have to send to you– so watch out! 

This afternoon– we leave for London– we’re going to see the Victory Parade you know– I’ll write and tell you all about it. Four of the girls from the office came to tea yesterday so I took them & showed them my now full wardrobe– ha! You should have seen their faces– unfortunately my clothes do not fit them. They are all nuts on the frock with the spots. 

Marie has asked me to wish you luck in the new business, and you know that I wish you everything that’s good. You will let me know how things come along won’t you? Well darling!– That’s all for now– so be good. 


All my love, 


P.S. Say hello to Lollie -Dave and Alan, Ta!!

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