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May 18, 1913.

My own Dear M---Girl

Oh sweetheart how I ache to have you in my arms, hon I long to take care of you. Dear Girlie I was very glad to get your note , but oh Darling how I wish you were well.

If I was only there to take care of you. Honey you tried to be cheerful in your note so I wouldn’t worry, but I can read between the lines that you are more sick than you let on you were. Oh sweetheart I hope you are better soon.

You will write + tell me how you are getting along won’t you my own? As to the Flowers Dear the apple + lilacs are not out yet.. Sweetheart if you come right home after school I think you will be able to see the Lilcs for every thing is so late this Spring.

I have something to tell you Dear but I hate for I am afraid you will worry, but there’s nothing to worry about. I am to have a treatment for my lungs from Dr. Doms. They are not just right.

I started last Monday and one lung is alright now the other is some what bad yet I have to drink lots of milk and eat raw eggs. Gee their Good? And Doc. said I might have to sleep out doors. You ought to see my line of bottles and boxes, I have got a small size Drug store here. Doc says there is no Consumption or Tuberculosis there. I asked him if he was sure and he said yes, and he said if there was he would tell me about it, if I told him I would want to know if there was.

I had a cold to so I sure did not feel very good the first part of the week but I feel some better now. I would have liked to stay in bed but I couldn't do that. I am so dead tired, now that I must stop.

Oh sweetheart what I wouldn't give to have you here.

Darling you will come home just as soon as you can won’t you? I can’t wait for you to come. Oh Darling I need you and want you so.

Now Sweetheart don’t worry about me for I hope to be all well be for you get home.

Goodnight my own.

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