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May 16, 1942.

Dear Friend:

I just finished writing to Red Moyer and you’r next on the list so here goes.

Our whole squadron got another shot in the arm today so they gave us the afternoon off. That’s the third shot I got, besides being vaccinated, and more to come.

The days here are hot as hell and we sweat plenty while marching and drilling and even when sitting around, but the nights are still comfortable.

They haven’t world us so hard yet. We’ve had about eight lectures in movies around here, usually given by a captain or another officer. WE also had three aptitude tests. On Monday we start eighteen days of intensive drill. Six hours a day, six days a week. However we get off at three P.M. to go swimming.

We don’t have camp barracks here or live in tents. Our barracks is a modern resort hotel, eleven stories high. The rooms here cost about fifteen bucks a day during the winter season. I am on the third floor and there are three of us to a room. We have in our room three hotel beds, a dresser, highboy, a writing desk, two big mirrors, chairs, and a big clothes closet. Pretty nifty isn’t it.

There really isn't much more to write. I haven’t walked around much so far but what I have seen is all right.

On Thursday morning we saw a ship about ten miles out that had been torpedoed. It was a Mexican tanker and it was burning pretty nearly all day. On Friday I saw in the Miami paper that thirteen men died on that ship. It was probably in the Reading papers too.

This is all for the time being. Don’t forget to answer soon because I won’t be here more than about eighteen more days.


**For those interested we were able to find the name of the hotel Woody mentions, in a later letter. It was the St. Moritz, pictured below from the Library of Congress.

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