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September 28, 1944.

Hi Pappy: 

I received your letter and sure was glad to hear from you, I’ve been a little busy and tearing around some lately or I’d have answered sooner. I’m O.K. as usual and getting along good, I am examining students now instead of teaching. It’s a nice job and I like it much better than teaching. 

Last week I met a fellow I knew back in the coal regions about sixteen years ago, he’s the first fellow I met from back there since I’m in the army, we sure had a chat, in fact we talked so long that I got behind on my examining schedule, but I sure got all the news of pals of those days, I sure was glad to see someone from back home again. 

I had a three day pass too last week, so I and my buddy bummed to Chicago, we got a ride from here right to Chicago on a truck, that was luck all right, we stayed at my buddies folks while we were there and sure had a good time. We were busy most of the day attending to some business my buddy had to get done and shopping for shotgun shells and some other things we needed, we got two boxes of shells they are scarce as hell out here yet. 

I tried to get Hartman one of those “dopey” plugs in several Iowa cities and Chicago, but none of them had them, they must be hard as hell to get, too bad I didn’t know he wanted one while I was in Arizona, I’ll bet I could have found one in one of the cities I stopped in on the trip back, especially Kansas City, that place was full of sporting good stores. 

We sure got around Chicago plenty in shopping and things, we must have covered forty or fifty miles by bus and trolley in going around the city, it’s a good thing soldiers ride free on busses and trolleys or we’d have paid a young fortune in bus fares, ha ha. 

In the evening we done a little touring around to some of my buddies old “haunts”, a few nite-clubs etc. and boy what shows those nite-clubs had! Really high class, ha ha, what women, um, um! They more the audience applauded the more they took off, naturally my hands were somewhat sore the next morning from applauding, ha ha. Anything for fun you know, we sure had a swell time, and finally made it home before daylight I think, ha ha.

Coming back was pretty rough, we got rides easy to Dubuque, Iowa, but from there on it was tough going, very little traffic in Iowa. It’s all farming country and quiet these days, it took us twenty four hours to get across Iowa I though we weren’t going to make it in time but luck was with us an we made it O.K. 

Hunting reason is on out here, haven’t been out yet, but it’s not so good yet, it’s too warm and too much grass and weeds, we should have a frost to kill the weeds then it would be better, I think I’ll wait a while before I go, we have several months to hunt so there’s plenty of time yet. Ducks and pheasants are thick as hell around here, every pond is full of ducks, so I should get some game when I go, what say? Funny thing, most folks here don’t bother with ducks much, they go for pheasants only. 

If nothing unusual happens, I’ll be home about November the second and do a little hunting with the old gang again, I’ll bring what shells I can along with me, so pick out a good place and have a bottle handy, ha ha. See you about that time. 

Not much unusual doing these days, how are you getting along with the women at work? Ha ha. Did you spank any yet? Ha ha. They sure can be useless at times what say? Must close for now, write when you get time. 

Very best wishes, Red

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