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May 12, 1945.

12 May 45

Marseille, France

Darling Betty:

Yes, like every GI all over the world,  I too sat down yesterday and figured out my possible chances for eventual discharge from this here army. I did not expect to go home at once, but after figuring out my points I discovered it is nip and tuck I’ll be obliged to await official figures before I can answer you yes or no. It all depends on the official day of my entry into the army.

I can count on 4 battle participation awards – 20 points, 30 months overseas – 60 points, 4 months in the states – 4 points, 4 months in the states –  or a total of 84 points which of course is one short of the required 85 points critical score. However, I should get credit for another full months service inasmuch as the official scoring date is the 12th of May which is not sufficient to get me another month overseas as is it less than 15 days of a month, but added to my few days in June should give me a fraction over a half month of service which would be the one point I am doubtful at this present time. I am certain of the 84 points, but that last point will be up to the official scorer and if I don’t get it I’m going to do some fancy squawking, but regardless it will be some time before I will be able to get home. Most of the fellows in this outfit have sufficient points and we are all looking forward to going home.

I thought of you yesterday as I sat in the dentist chair and had my teeth cleaned. Your recent letter told me of the trouble you are having with your teeth. I made an appointment the day before and got the works – the first time in my life I had my teeth cleaned, and then it was at government expense. They did a good job and I feel as though I have a new set of teeth.



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