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March 9, 1944.


9 March 44

Dear Betty:

Enclosed herewith should be six pictures of some fellow you know who at present is stationed in Italy and I know he misses you very much. You sent him some pictures so he is sending some back to you. The fellow who printed the pictures is still an amature and realizes some of the prints are not quite as good as turned out by professionals, but I am sure you will get the general condition and surroundings of the subject. Leggings and stuff are unusual in pictures inasmuch as they are not part of every day dress but are worn only on special occasions – such as drilling and stuff of which the pictured individual gets very little – so don’t worry about those special items.

Compliments of


P.S. I also sent copies of the same prints to my Mother and to Reds. So those you don’t like you can throw away.

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