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March 9, 1913.

Dear Darling Girlie,

I suppose you think I don’t love you at all any more but Dear I have been working late every night this week. Oh sweetheart you know how much I love you don’t you. I wonder if you have thought of me as much as I have of you to day.

My own Dear wifey I am not able to write much to night. I ought to have been in bed to day but I had to get up and do my work. Besides having a gold and being all in as I am, I have had something else, that I have never had before, and I am hardly able to get around. But I think if I go get something for it I will be alright in a day or so, and if I am not I will go see a doctor. Dearest I would like to tell you what it is but I don’t think it would be right.

Oh sweetheart how I wish you were all mine the way I want you.

Oh sweetheart how i long for you for you are so kind and careful of me when I am sick or there is something wrong with me.

I can just see what you would have done with me if we would had been in our own home. You would have send me to bed, I can see you leaning over me and looking at me with the love light in your eyes. Oh sweetheart how I wish you were here.

My own this is not much a letter but I think I had better get to bed, I hope I will be alright in the morning and not be trouble with this any more, but Darling if I am not alright soon I will do something for it right away.

Don’t worry my Girlie for I think it will be alright again in a few days.

It is starting to rain I hope it rains a lot for I have been in a quite a quandary as to how I could get water for m furnace, for my cistern went dry last week.

Talk about being egotistical I guess I m this whole letter is about myself.

Oh sweetheart if I could tell you how I love you, but sweetheart you know don’t you Dear?

Well Darling I must stop, feel these many Goodnight kisses my own.

Goodnight my darling Girlie.

Your tired + love sick lonesome boykins.


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