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March 5, 1943.

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Dearest Wife:

I find it time to write my only love again and here goes so get a seat before you start reading this for am going to spill the works. And boy I better get a long one back or I’m coming over the hill to grandma’s and the wolf will howl.

I received your letter today that was written Mar. 2 and it was by far the best one yet, yes hon I’d like very much for you to come to see me but even after you made a 4 day and night trip I’d only get to see you for 12 hours for that is all the time we can get to leave the post in one week and I don’t even know when we are going to get that for we haven’t had one minute off since we have been here, the thing out here would just give you about five days here and traveling time out of 15 days so you can see how different it would be even if you came, maybe dear get 15 days off after 8 weeks here and if I do that would be better don’t you think so?

Can you go to Chattanooga every night and how long can you stay when you do go? I’m going to try and call you next Friday, Sat or Sunday I don’t know just what time we will get our first liberty so I can’t tell what time to say but if you will send a telegram about Friday telling me what time to call and where and how to get you I will know better how to go about it, your time there is 2 hours behind ours don’t forget that so if I all you at 6:00 here it will 4:00 there so figure the time and tell me where and when for if you don’t I will call until I get if it costs $25 or $50.

You said when we got together we would have fun and how you know how I used to be every time I touched you well I’ve been that way just one time since I left you and that was on the train coming out here, you think I can’t do (with out) till I see you don’t you? But honest I can and will, so help me I can think of no other woman except you and I hope I can never have the passion to be with another woman unless it is you, I expect you to go untouched until I can be with you and in return I am going to do the same if I live or die that way.

Hon even if you were gone and I’d never see you again I could never have another woman love in my heart. Please believe that for its the truth if I ever told it, you didn’t believe I can do that as passionate as I have been but when that train pulled out from Chattanooga I left my heart and passion with you so as long as you keep it you are master of my mind and body.

Boy how I miss the things you did for me like washing my back and other things you know I like so well but don’t forget them for we will be back together and then we will make up for lost time, won’t we?

I keep looking in every letter for a picture of my W.A.A.C but I guess its there like it is here no chance to get one taken and not allowed to have a camera abroad the station or have any picture taken for 3 weeks.

Sweet heart please don’t let the army change you for I don’t want a different girl from the one I left. I want you to be simple and sweet and not hardened by the wicked world and people you will meet, I know you will not do these things for you have kept every promise you have ever made one and I know no reason to doubt you now.

Hon can’t you have any choice at all about where you go ? It would upset the apple cart if you got sent off down in Miss. or Louisiana in some backwoods camp for the duration, why I’d go plum crazy. I’m almost a dam lieutenant now.

Can you tell any chance in my by my letters? If i ever grow strange to you please bawl me out and put me back in time for I really don’t intend to change one bit unless its for the better and you better not either or I would moider you.

Jim Jenkins is being discharged Wed. Mar 10th he will be sent back home and drafted for the army again in about 10 days or so. I thought I was going to get to come with him but they sent me back to duty but I probably will get it later for I know I can never do this navy its too tough for me but they’re going to have to see that for my company commander wrote the Doctors a letter and told them to hold me for I was the best man he had in his Co. for I saw it , and I also make an average of 87 on my Graded tests and the navy wants men like, the Co. Com told me me if I left him he’d feel like he’d lost his right arm. So you can see what the Navy thinks of your man regardless of his physical condition, I think they’re going to try to find land duty for me or at least thats what they are trying to make me believe.

Hon you go ahead and buy yourself a nice pen unless you just particularly want this one and that will be O.K. with me, but if for any reason you want this one I sure will sent it to my Honey, I’d sen you anything I have ever my --------- if you wanted it, you know that don’t you. You said you thought you could hear me calling you sometimes, well that really is me and I want you to feel my presence there then for that it is (mental telepathy) and if we tried hard enough we could be together, although we are a part. You are always with me and everything I go to do I first say to myself now would Margaret approve of this and if I don’t think you would I just don’t do it.

How many letters have you received from me now? Can you keep them? I can’t keep yourself and I hate to throw them away. What can I do with them can you keep them for me if I send them back? I’d sure like to save them forever and ever, Don’t forget to number them as I told you so we will know if any of them get lost, they’re precious but so are you.

You’re more precious than anything I have now or have ever had you’re just like the blood that flows through my veins, life to me and without you I would cease to live and I’m not keeing on bit. There’s so much I want to say till I start to write then I can’t remember half of it so when I get out of detention camp which is the first 3 weeks I will write maybe 2 or 3 times a day, how would you like that? You know I’d get the moon for you if I could and you want it but for me I don’t want the moon and stars except Venus and Venus to me is no one but my own sweet wife, do you know her? Well I will describe her to you, she’s about five foot five of loveliness and so sweet you can taste her five or ten years after a kiss and about 135 libs of feminine personality like cake from fresh oven and 10 thousand other things to numerous to mention so why try!

Please excuse paragraphs and correct punctuation but for one reason only you are a paragraph as long as a chain from here to the moon and back to me out that is one thing perfect + correct.

Don’t take this as flattering and I’m not covering up anything this is exactly as I feel I guess I had better try to slow down for the mail man might not accept a catalogue as first class air mail.

You know letters are so long to write and so short to read that you have to read them over and over again.

I read your letters over and over again until they’re ragged and they’re still just as sweet as when I first read them -- the first time, when you say I love you I feel that you mean it with every ounce of flesh and body and when I say it to you, the lips that seal this letter shall never touch another’s except you until the very last breath goes between them.

When I say I love you its not just a quotation but a true life proverb from the very imen sanctum of a heart that bleeds for you alone.

You know when I get time I am going to write you a book that will have to be sent panned post just to tell you how much I do love my soon dear sweet wife Margaret Lucille Helfer Potter.

Hon please don’t worry about me for I will be O.K. as for as that goes and that means physically, and physically I’ll never be O.K. without you.

I’m glad to miss you for that moves to me that there can never be another to replace you.

And I’m sorry to miss you because I do love you so darn much but I’ve never been ashamed of you and never will be ashamed to brag about you and show you off no matter what you have done or what you will do, but I trust you implicitly and know you will never breaty my trust in you.

Will you.

My one and only I must close now and hope for an answer real soon and a long one telling me all about you and all.

All my love is with and for you. I love you.

Your Loyal devoted Hubby


The lips pressed here should touch yours next.

Believe all I tell you and you have the whole truth -- I love only you, Yours forever, Your Henry


Each kiss represents a million

P.S. I will send over marriage certificate in my next edition.

God how I love you

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1 Comment

Greeetshu S.
Greeetshu S.
Jan 22, 2020

Hi, it's your insta friend photoswithoutfamilies :-). Beautiful blog! I couldn't help some detective work: someone has a family tree on Ancestry for Henry and Margaret. Margaret Helfer had been born in 1919 in Tennessee to parents John and Nellie. At the time she married Henry in 1938 in Bristol, Virgina, she was 19 years old and both of her parents had already passed away. Henry Lewis Potter had been born in 1914 also in Tennessee to parents Frank and Margaret. Henry and Margaret had one daughter, Pamela Kay, who was born in 1949. Margaret died in 1990 and Henry 4 years later in 1994. Their daughter Pamela married in 1968 and became Chambers. She passed away in 2016. The…

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