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March 30, 1913.

My own Dear Darling,

I have just about been sick abed with a cold in my head, the last three days and I don’t feel very good now. I have been working all day to day to catch up with my work for the end of the month, I got out that statement for Mrs. Garrison to night for I have been so busy last week that I didn’t know whether I was standing on my head or feet.

The directors of the bank examined the bank last week and that made a lot of work for me, they had my books part of the time so I couldn’t work on them and that just put me behind. Oh Gee! I have been in a mood oh, and here it is the last of the month with all that work.

Gee! I am head over heels in more work, I have got these school settlements to fix up and one township. Besides the 1st of the month work. And Florence leaves Friday she is going to the City for about 10 days.

I took Florence up to the entertainment at the school house Wednesday night, I will tell you on how it happened. She has a season ticket and has been going with Joe Hagstead but Joe went with Ray Reed. Well Florence couldn’t get any body else to go with, so she wasn’t going, that is why I took her. She didn’t want to go alone.

No, my own I don’t know the man, but if you know he is all right, I kind you might keep company with him, only don’t forget your lonesome boykins. Oh darling I long for your letters so.

It hardly seems tho, Dear that you know him well enough to go to a tea with him and come home so late nights. How did you happen to meet him up there and what his name. May be I know him and can tell you more about him.

Oh I guess I am selfish. I hope baby will be well soon, the poor little girl. Dearest that sounds as tho we were _________ and I was just away from home on some business trip. Oh my own if I only was, it sure would not take me very long to get back home to you and _____. My own Dear Girlie I am getting cold and starting to sneeze and I have to get up real early in the morning so I must stop.

Dear one don’t forget your lonesome boykins, for I am yours heart an soul.

Goodnight my own, Oh if you were only here I could see the love light in your eyes.

Goodnight sweetheart

Your tired lonesome

Boykins Geo

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