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March 23, 1913.

My Own Dear Girlie,

If I am a slave to the Bank, why and if I am not a slave to my profession why do I work so late.

My own Dear Girlie no I am not a slave to my profession but there is a time | I think | in every ones life when he or she must get right down and dig, must work hard, if they wish to succeed more I could I wanted to just do my book work and let them work on trades and lots of other things I do. Darling Girlie that isn’t what I am in it for. I am here to learn the trade, I am taking it up for my lifes work, by which I hope and pray I will be able to give you the necessarys of life to make you happy. Oh my own Dear Wifey if I can only make you happy oh so happy.

Yes dear you have told me many times that just to have me would make you happy but my own that isn’t all there is and was to it, it was the faith you had in me, that I would some day be able to give you what you want, Oh Darling how I hope that I will be what you want me to be.

My time here is rather limited it wont be long be fore I leave this town and bank, that is why I am working hard, I want to get all I can out of the time I have left here, I want to learn as much of the trade as I can, so I will be better fitted to take up the new position I may get.

Dearest I expected to tell you this before but we got so long I didn’t have time.

Oh Darling Girl how glad I was to get just your letter and how it helped the heart ache, I worry so because I know you was having Vacation and I wondered why you didn’t write during the week when you didn’t write on Sunday.

Forgive you my own, I don’t know as there is anything to forgive, you only express your views.

Still love you! Oh darling if you only know how much I do. Oh sweetheart how could I do other wise, I love you dear with my whole being, I am all yours.

Oh how I have longed for you to day, and Darling I did some thing for you, you will soon see what it was.

Sweetheart I wish I might write more but I must go down now and finish fixing my furnace fire, it almost went out, I just changed clothes a while a go, so here I am in my old clothes ready to dig in the ashes.

I had two Dreams two nights this week, I will try and write them to you soon.

I have to go get out a yearly statement for Mrs Garrison’s Aid society, this week so that will take up some of my spare time.

Oh sweetheart try not to double me any more my whole heart and soul are yours. Oh my sweetheart how I love you.

I am working for our future, dear, that may some time take you and make you as happy as I want you to be.

Do you know how happy that is Dear? If you could only feel these many kisses and hugs given with a whole heart full of love for you, you would know.

Dear One.

How is my dear I hope you are well. I am lots better altho I am not entirely over my cold.

Goodnight my sweetheart and remember I love you.

I am Wholly thine.

Your Lonesome

Boykins Geo

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