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March 23, 1878.

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Waterloo, Iowa

March 23rd, 1878

My dear little wife,

Could you have seen my forlorn look at the many disappointments last week I have no doubt you would have considered me an object for commersiation. On Wednesday I went to the office with firm assurance + full expectation that I would receive a letter from my darling but it was not there. I gave them until noon to get one but my hopes were denied again + by the time this has repeated on Thursday I threatened to burn the P.O. Blood + kill the clerks if they did not do better by me + yet Friday was a blank. Saturday morning came + joyous to see your letter of the 16th. Yes there the envelope showed plainly that it had a hard time getting through. It looked as though an elephant had slipped on it + in the mud at that + the post mark was dated the twelth. Can you tell me what happened to it, the insides however was all right. It told me that you had reached home and had met kind friends on the way + that you were welcome at home.

I had begun to imagine what might be the probable cause for delay. That your trip had made you sick, or that mother was so mad that you could not find time to write, or that you had been delayed on the way somewhere. If I had not received it by now you would have been alarmed at the mail that would have been poured fourth in this letter. To say the least I counted the days over and over again and still the number seemed few compared with the length of time that it seemed to me. Oh; how i would like to have your presence for a little while, I might be willing to hold a hundred and fifty for an hour at any rate. I can do without you when I know the kind of services that you are rendering + to the one who made so much self-sacrifice as to encourage your absence during the winter for our happiness. It was a mother than + a mother now + I am so glad that you can be with her + yet I am very lonely when not busy without you.

Mrs. Meld has been very sick not so bad as last spring but in the same way + from the same cause. Dr. Brown has interviewed me two or three times about when + I judge that I will be called in consultation if she does not get better. She has been some better for a few days, but I presume if the cause is the same, that she is not though.

Carrie Hitt had another abscess come just over the regrim of the last one. On Thursday, I gave her Chloroform + lanced it + she is better again. The next day her mother was confined + today both appear to do well. I have some apprehensions about Carrie’s getting well without anything farther happening. Last Friday night it snowed three or four inches, but to-night it is nearly all gone + the roads are muddy for traveling, I was down to Scruggs today some five miles from town + tomorrow I have a ride of twenty two miles. The mud is not deep + if it does not strom there will be nothing unexpected about it. We have had winter ever since you left the next morning. It was down to zero in the afternoon of Thursday. We had three cold days + no warm ones until to-day.

You will have received a letter from your friends in Pittsburgh that I reminded, but not until I had opened it + looked at the picture + read the letter + then I also found a paper that came I rolled with it. The Ladies Lit entertainment for the benefit of the Library no. 2 was a failure. So far as audience was concerned about 50 was the number I heard estimated, the entertainment was pronounced this also -- I was out all night the evening before + no 47 had ome arthritis for me. With my love gone I did threaten if my wife did not write to me that I would engage two girls + go to the show but did not.

I did not telegraph to Dubugru for birth on sleeper, but am glad that someone made the arrangement for you, who could it have been? Was it Knapper? If so he is a triumph.

I did not go to Cedar Rapids on Wednesday -- the meeting is just over until April 1st. Dr. Owens asked that this be done. It was so ordered -- on Wednesday night after two messengers had been dispatched after me I agreed to go to Raymond + talk to them on the subject of temperance. I kept my engagement + had a full house + many welcomes + invitations to come again + give them another talk. Dan Hay accompanied me + occupied a little time + then I spoke an hour. Ann Eliza your lectures here on Wednesday night Come lets go + hear what the Mormans do -- then one wife gets about milk 1/20 of a man -- If you do not put in an appearance I will be obliged to go along as the girls have lost interest in me + the married ladies would bug me into disrepute.

Have had a comfortable weeks work. Called up in the night twice, home tended to D.F.s mail [unreadable] Maggie from East came on Wednesday + is writing so Allie her company. I had invited them to take dinner with me today but next to the [unreadable] + was a little late getting back + they went back on me by going up home. I don not have any fire on in our room since bathing time comes.

The people began to ask me if I had heard from you as early as Sunday + from that time on until Saturday, think of the relief when I could say yes she has not forgotten me -- she ladned safe.

Were all the stories you told about his baby true, or was he + the nurse given to exaggeration, I can tell your mind -- where as JOhn may have been prejudiced + the nurse may have wished simply to flatter them.

Tell mother that she will have observed that you are very good + in order to keep you so it might be well to “carret” you a general [unreadable] that is the way I have always done.How do you get out of bed new mornings; I received a letter + until he thought it convenient for you that Mother would like to see you soon. If cold compresses did not chill her they might be good to relieve the cough -- the room ought to be reasonably warm + the compresses cold but at first they could be used warmer + if they do well cane make it colder the next time. “Mot” has forgotten to write her letter last week since May ) even her card failed to connect -- This week I hope your letter will be more fortunate in its meanderings + not get in the mud. For Florence dear I find myself looking forward for a letter more than ever. With love to Mother + Mother + lots to my darling little wife -- Good night sweet.

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