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March 2, 1913.

My Dear Dear Hattie

I am in bed Dear, it is to cold up here to stay up but I am so dead tired I am afraid I will fall asleep before I finish this, my eyes a half shut now.

Talk about your fresh air enthusiast, I think I take the cake for the very cold night we had I had both the windows open and I froze my ear in bed mind you.

My own Dear Girlie I have been worrying so about your cold, there have three people died near me with pneumonia which started with just a little cold and Mrs Collins was very low but they say she is a little better now. I tried to write before “to tell you to be very careful” but I just didn’t have time we have been so busy with March 1st settlements and there was a lot of them. Mr. Pat Harrington had some over forty land settlements to fix up and some of them came thru us.

Oh sweetheart how I wish I knew how you are, my own be very very careful of yourself won’t you? Dear, if I could only take care of you, how my heart aches to tuck you in good and warm and see if you are comfortable. I hope you found out that my old sweetheart? Wasn’t at Stein and that you didn’t go over there, with that cold you have this awful weather.

Oh Darling I can’t wait for Tues. to come to bring me my letter stating how you are, how i hope and pray you are better.

Herbert Berd quit the bank last night and Ray is taking his place. Herbert is going on the Payton farm. The other day at a sale I heard some one ask Payton what he was going to do next year, and he said “I have rented my farm to my son in law and I am going to work for him.” So I guess Herbert is going to live with the old folks.

About six or seven houses have been sold here in town and every body is moving.

Mrs. C.E. Johnson sold her house so Louis and Ruby have to move by the first of April, they are going in Herbert’s house.

This town is some what on the move just now.

There has also about 10 emigrant cars in here this week.

I was down to a children's pie supper in the basement of our new church last night. They sure have a fine place for these things now.

Sweetheart I must stop now for I am so tired.

We had an awful wind storm here yesterday, it was a good thing the snow was packed, but as it is it has filled the bank full of dust, so I have to get up real early and clean up.

Oh sweetheart how I wish I had you so I could take care of you, Dear you will be very careful of yourself, won’t you my own? For dearest it is for you I live, oh darling what I do if any thing should happen to you.

Think what you are to my Dearest Girlie and take care of yourself accordingly.

Goodnight my very own Dear M _ _ _ _ _ Girl.

Your lonesome worrying Boykins,


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