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March 16, 1946.

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

To: John

From: Mary

Hello, John:

Please excuse my writing paper, but this is so much easier than trying to write it by hand with the office full of bosses.

Gosh, today is a beautiful day, and I mean beautiful. Typical spring weather. Joe has a date to go to Sunnybrook tonight, but he’ll have to go with Earl as I have a date and need the car. Glenn Miller and his band is there. No doubt it will be so jammed he will have a tough time getting in the door. I told him that, but think he wants to go anyway.

Today is grandpop’s birthday -- Topsy sent him a birthday card. The whole Phillips family and a few of their friends are coming up tonight, plus Rose & Walt, etc. There will certainly be a gang down Gram’s as I imagine Uncle Tony and Aunt Jennie will be out too. Well, I’m one that won’t be, so will get out of all the work. Mom, Jen, and I made two sponge cakes last night, so at least I helped a little.

After cakes were made Mom and I went to Church, and then to the second show at the movies of Kiss and Tell. It was very funny, but nothing out of the ordinary. As usual Mom slept through the whole thing, and I was so mad -- it kinda spoiled the picture for me.

Radnor and West Chester played basketball last night at Villanova, and Radnor won by two baskets -- 4 points. It was a very thrilling game as the score was so close all the way through. They had a re-broadcast over the radio, and Jen listened to it. It really was a pip. Now Radnor has to play Allentown. I would love to see Radnor win, but don’t think they will. Think the game will be played on Monday.

Jim went to the Navy Yard to see Buddie presented with the Silver Star, and said it was very sad. Of course it had to be held inside because it was raining cats and dogs. There were several others who got different medals, but Andrew’s was the highest. We were all down for the Mass -- Uncle Joe, grandma, Dom, Anne, Su, Mom, Helen, Rose, Jan, Jen, Rickie, and I. It was just an ordinary Mass like we have every Sunday -- no music or anything -- just a Mass. Aunt Rose, Julie, Lib, Andrew’s friend from New York, Berg, and his girlfriend, and Buddie were there too. Aunt Rose has a houseful this weekend with Julie and the baby too. Honestly, I don’t know how she manages all at the one time. Naturally, she cried a little when the Silver Star was being presented, but as a whole she was in pretty good spirits.

There’s not much news. Were glad to hear you and Joe UHL got back okay, but what a merry goose-chase you had, eh? Well, John, it was well worth it as we got to see you and Topsy together, and I think it will be a long time before that happens again, but it is possible you know, with Topsy moving to Brooklyn Navy Yard yesterday.

No more letters from Tommy. Who knows, maybe he is on his way home -- but I honestly don’t think he is. Will write again soon. Don’t forget to have a good time.



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