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Love Letter Cookies!

It was a few weeks ago on Twitter when I saw that a fellow letter lover, Liz Kentish, had sent Dinah (founder of The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society) a love letter biscuit. Twenty minutes later I had a cookie cutter and food coloring markers ordered and en route.

Sam and I had such fun making these! He's the Kitchen Guy in our house so we waited for a Saturday afternoon and got to making. Really you can use whichever sugar cookie recipe you like. The one we chose ended up being a bit bland, so I would say definitely experiment! After Sam made up the dough for me we did a few test cookies. The cookie cutter was the best $2 I ever spent! My tip would be press firmly so that the details show up.

While these guys baked I got to working with the fondant. In Ireland they sell fondant -- which for my American readers is a thick sugary paste that's used in lieu of icing in Irish cake decorating -- pre-made at the grocery store so it was as easy as rolling the fondant out and pressing the envelope shapes.

I had ordered some food coloring markers and did some experimenting to find the right design -- I knew I wanted to go vintage airmail so red and blue were the colors of the day! I even threw in some hearts to really amp up the Love Letters fun.

When the cookies had cooled to the touch but were still just a smidge warm I popped the fondant (decorated already!) on and voila! This was such a fun way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon and I think they turned out so cute.

Get in Touch.

Something here strike your interest? Have a letter story you'd like to share? Write to us at today!

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