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June 27, 1938.

Dearest K

I feel certain that you have written to me before this time, but honey I just couldn’t get to it before this, honest.

Boy the inside of that 5 + 10 cent stores was like a bake oven today and we have 2 or 3 nights this week in it yet.

It sure did rain some in York last nite and tonite. Some man bumped into a fire-plug here on the corner of Market + Wets Sts. last nite during the rain and broke it completely off. The men were out early this morning fixing it.

Sweety pie, I sure hope you got to Madalyne’s safely and had no trouble. Did Wolfie scare you or is he a good driver?

How did he enjoy himself and did he say if he would come up with me next weekend?

I’m going to miss you in a few minutes, (not that I don’t miss you right along) because I must change the bed clothes and you know how much better that goes with two people than one.

Madalyn Roth received another letter from the boy in Holland and he sent his picture along. He is real cute looking. He also sent along pictures of two old Dutch Mills. You know I think that would be very interesting writing to someone in a foreign country. Don’t you? She is expecting a letter from Africa this week. From the stand point of postage that is almost as expensive a hobby as writing.

I quit work this evening about 5:30 o’clock and then rushed home, took a bath + shaved, dressed, ate a bite to eat, and got to meeting about 10 min to seven. Bro. Stubbings is here and he was very good tonight. After meeting I went out to Mothers and ask her to make some coffee and while that was cooking I went up and talked to Ken + Dad and then came back to mother’s + ate a little lunch. And from there home. When I got home I was locked out. I had my keys and could get in the front door but someone pushed the night latch on the vestibule door so I had to ring Frener out.

Gee whiz, sweety, I didn’t think when I started this letter it would be a book, but it is almost. I just must save some for the next time ain’t so, huh?

I’m sending you all my love and hoping you will have a good time, feel well and get as brown as a nut.

As Ever --



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