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June 18, 1914.

Miss Harriet McAllister

Slayton, Minn.

My Dear Sister: –

Some way I am under the impression that you are leading a double life by the time. I may be too early with my congratulations, I do not know.

If it is so I do hope that Mr. ___ will not get mad at me for writing to you.

I wanted so badly to see you before I left but I had to go on such short order that it was impossible. Am in the same kind of work that I was in last summer.

Am enjoying it heartily. Not at all hot down here; in fact the nights are so cool that it takes some covering to keep warm.

I suppose you were at Mar for commencement and saw all the proceedings. I wish that I could have been there but I couldn’t.

I missed it all last year too.

When I went this Ransom City I had almost all day to wait there and so I called up Tregemblin the people who so nicely looked after Ed. McCabe and myself during the convention last winter.

I do not go out to see them but spent the day down town, saw the Cafeteria again and some others of the Jambelin sights.

I am getting fat living down here. I sleep until 9 a.m. and eat, eat, eat.

Sweet corn, tomatoes and blue berries are all ripe here now and I sure do like them.

I don’t know what I am going to do next fall when I go back to Mac and so many old friends are graduated and done.

It sure will be lonesome without the ‘14 class.

I am not married yet. What a wonder. Lots of pretty heres just waiting but I look straight ahead and think of fourteen ones up in the cold, cold north.

Someone told me that somebody? living in South Minnesota was going to be married this summer and I was under the impression that it was to be in June.

I sure will miss my sister when she goes and then some day I will be over pruning the heather and will miss all old friends. Must close.We go to Ada, Okla. from here on the 24th.

Don’t let their make any hard feelings in anything.



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