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June 17, 1914.

Dear Harriet

Kindly excuse pencil but only own one pen + that my husband has in his pocket.

We had a fine rest and a lovely place to stay. We were at Annadale. Game home Thurs and proceeded to eat with some difficulty so we possessed neither the eats nor where with to eat with. Have gotten nicely started. Geo came home for dinner this non and it seemed good to see him. Don’t think I shall get lone some at all. That isn’t my disposition. Where is your Geo and is it good to be home and when are you coming back and. Well I guess that’s enough. We found such a nice lot of new presents when we came back. Didn’t we get lovely things tho? Hope you will do as well. Was down town + got over drapes and curtains for the back rooms also got a dish pan. Hate to waste the money but I really thought I ought to.

Mama got an awful bawling out from Mrs. Miller at the Rose party. Suppose Mrs. Fisk was there + heard it.

Harriet will you please send me the films of the pictures and we will get some printed of them I will return them. I heard they were fine. I am awfully glad.

I now want to thank you for so sweetly helping me in my late dilemma + when you are in my place kindly ask anything of me + I shall be only glad to do it.

I want to make you something and shall do it as soon as I get the time.

Must close with lots of love to you all.

Beaul Jane Samuelson

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