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June 10, 1918.

Dear Mama

I will write you a few lines to let you know I am well and having a good time I like here fine I am shore glad I came when I did. Why don’t you all write or did you all get my other letter I sent. How is every body there now has the other boys gone yet where is Rex or have you heard from him yet. Tell all of them around there hello for me and tell them I said to write to me I will write to some of them a little later.

Mamma you needn’t worry about me for I am all right and feeling fine. If I get sick or something changes I will let you all know.

I owe the drug store a little and Shelton’s Auto Co. a little you tell Papa when he sells me horse to pay it for me I ant $70 for that sort horse of mine you keep my boots and outfit for me I will send me clothes back in a few days. I am wearing the Navy clothes now. I will close your loving son.

A.N. Green


U.S. Naval Training Center

Mary Island


Detention E-3

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