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July 30, 1939.

My Darling --

It is just 6:30 now and I suppose you are nearly home by now. I do hope you had a safe, pleasant journey home. I enjoyed today so much and have been thinking about you ever since -- you and the things you told me just now I looked over the tablet and saw our wiggly walk that you added to our house today. You should. Have you added the Iron banisters to the porch yet. (I guess I’ll have to writing this way again, our pen is acting up again and even this doesn’t help much)

Well, I haven’t done anything since you left except eat my supper which consisted of a cob of lettuce and homemade mayonnaise, creamed dried beef on toast, potato chips, two slices of custard (which I didn’t eat) and a glass of milk. Wasn’t that a bushel?

Sweetheart, it was so wonderful to see your dear self again -- I hope you can come down again next Sunday. Darling, am I being selfish in wanting you to come down so often and can you really do it or do you have to deprived yourself to do it? After all I don’t want to just think of me. But again we don’t have to worry, do we? You know I was just thinking, sick people who don’t have Christ as their Savior must be dreadfully miserable. He has been such a comfort to me.

Did Marie come down with Ralphie around her birthday? Dottie told me in her letter she was in York again -- and of course you told me too. How long is she going to stay? Tell her I said “hello”.

My flowers look awfully nice in my room -- they just add that certain something. I used some of each of the creams already and I really believe my face looks better already. I sure will be glad when those blotches disappear. Don’t forget to thank Mother for my flowers, and di you say she sent the soft skin scream, if so, for that too. I should have a secretary.

I’ll close for tonight. Perhaps I can write you another “whopper” letter soon again when things liven up here a bit again. Ha ha.

Amo te, darling --



P.S. I forget, maybe you don’t know what Amo Te pronounced “Amo ta”, is. Well I’ll tell you anyway. It means “I love you” in Latin -- I do mean you. N.

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