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July 30, 1934.

Mondsee July 30, 1934

The name of the new Chancellor is Dr. Karl Schuschig

Everything that was left of our Chancellor was buried in a steel coffin and carried to Stephansdom while all bells of Vienna were ringing. Crowds and crowds followed. Suddenly everyone came to a halt – a woman dressed in black appears, leaning on, yes, almost dragged by two gentlemen the Vice Chancellor Prince Stahremberg and one Minister – the widow. An older lady wearing a black silk head scarf and an old farmer walk behind them – those are the parents of the deceased Chancellor. Now the most important priest of Vienna raises his voice and tears run down his cheeks as he begins to speak about the deceased,

“He was so still and calm in the forgiving silence and he only wanted peace, his name literally translates to angel (*Engel(=angel)-bert)!” Clouds of incense rise to follow the soul that already houses in Heaven…

He is buried at the Hiezinger Cemetery.

Now they arrive at a hollow spot covered with spruce. Inside there is a grave with a plain headstone and just one word on it “Hannerl”. Here lies the 1-year-old daughter of the Chancellor that passed away 6 years ago, whose grave the Chancellor visited just a few days ago. He was buried in the middle of the hollow spot in a beautiful grave. The inscription on his headstone says: Dr. Engelbert Dollfuß

May God bless his soul!

In Elsarn the following happened: Children of working-class families had a Mass said in honor of Dr. Dollfuss! This happened like this: All of a sudden two children appeared behind the altar.

“What do you want, children?”, the priest asked. “We want to have a Mass said on behalf of our dear deceased Chancellor. Here is the money for it.”

“Where do you have the money from?”

“We performed a play of Snow White in a garden and asked for 5 g. entry fee. This is what we could get together.”

“But, children, you need this money yourselves. Who told you to have a Mass said for the Chancellor?”

The children reply almost unwillingly, “No one told us that. We just loved our Chancellor so very much.”

And already tears are running down the cheeks of the children. “Ex ore infantum”, the priest mutters, “from the lips of children you have ordained praise” (*Psalm 8:2)

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