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July 25, 1939.

My Dearest:

I got two letters from you today and did I enjoy hearing from you! I am warning you in advance that this won’t be a two page letter because every one in this house is in bed. I guess they won’t be asleep until I finish my letter though. (I was working at the house until 10 o’clock.)

Honey, I am so glad that you liked everything in your surprise box. Your mother and Dotty picked the dresses fro you and Dotty selected the nail polish. The only thing I did was to pay for them. It is needless to say that the box of candy brought back pleasant memories to me too when I purchased it.

Yes dear, the house is soon ready to move into and I would like to get everything moved into it before the 15th of August so a new month of storage doesn’t start on me. I want it all ready for you when you come and I am not going to spend one nite in it until we can spend the first nite in it together. Swell huh? And by the way sweety, the Dr. hasn’t even hinted when he might leave you come home. But when he feels that you are well enough to come home and take over simple home duties then he will allow you to come home. Until then we will just wait and make each other happy with our letters and pray for the Lord’s continued blessings upon us both.

I haven’t written to Lewis yet but I am going to try to get a letter off tomorrow nite. I haven’t seen Paul for three weeks so I don’t know when Lewis got his appointment. He hasn’t been through the house lately but he is going to stop by some nite when I am working.

So you beat the folks there at the hospital playing Chinese checkers? That’s swell! You are getting some of your old skill back again are you? Well, you can beat me when you get home.

I told you that Doris and Dick are getting married on the Fourth of Aug. Well, I think they have changed it to the 2nd. They have all their things bought now and are anxiously awaiting the time.

Honey, you can rest assured that all of our folks and close friends are being informed as to your progress and I am acting as your spokesman in thanking them for all of their kindness and inquiries. Everyone has been so good to us. I am beginning to to have an awful close feeling for Nat and Jim and Ken and Dot.

No sweety, we didn’t just talk about hiring some men but we have already hired two more. They started this morning. That makes the number on the payroll eleven with dad and Bill. Some organization huh?

Honey I jus’ mus’ close. Do you see how easy I have been tapping (not pounding) the keys? Trying to be as quiet as possible but that is just impossible with a typewriter. No not with a silent one.

All my love. As ever,



I do love you soooo much!

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