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July 24, 1919.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Mr. R. W. Laird

Portland, M.A.

Friend Laird, I have your letter of July 20th with enclosures to hand and note contents.

With regards to Mrs. Bernstein refusing to sign the note would say that it is not at all surprising to me. This only further proves Capit. Levis infidelity to the Falmouth Garage & Tire Co. He is interested in the building only.

However I will stand true to my promise to help you all I can and will therefore obtain my father-in-laws endorsement to the note which will make it bankable without any difficulty.

I would however ask you to send me an additional check for $200.00 payable Aug. 10th if you can’t conveniently make it earlier and in the meantime I will advance my personal check for same and in which case it will make it much easier for me to get my father-in-laws endorsement. This would reduce the note to two thousand dollars.

I trust you will comply with this request as it is fair and possible.

I hand you inclosed letter received this a.m. from Powow River Nat. Bank which is self explanatory please see your customers and advise the bank about it.

As soon as possible as it is very important especially at this time to keep our selves in the good graces of the bank.

Trusting to hear favorable by return mail on all matters. I remain resp. Yours

H. Gordon

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