• Flea Market Love Letters

July 1918.

Dearest Mama and Papa and Sisters will write a few words to let you know I am well and hope this will find you all the same. It [unreadable] I am in San Fransisco again. And have a hole lot more that I don't see the other times well I guess old Hope is shore enough dull now. You know Frisco is the big of a city to suite me for I just walk my self to death. When have you heard from Rex I guess he likes it very well by now I don't know why you don't get my letters I have been writing from two to four letters a week. Well would like to be home this morning. Mary Island is a good place but there is no place like home. At least for me. I hope to get on board in a few weeks you know I am just crazy to go over there and to get in to it. Well but I can't go till they send me if I had my way I would go tomorrow believe me I have seen some pretty good nice boats the waves up shore are rolling in yesterday some of them big as a house. I can say I went in yesterday it was lots of fun to believe and I shore have changed a hole lot I didn't know any one could change so in such short time. I am getting as fat as a hot I wayed 164 when I come and now I way a 189 I guess that is what you call getting fat out it if I keep that up I will get to a pretty good size man won't I. Well I wish you all could see me now I don't look like I did when I would come in from the ranch. We have right white clothes to wear every day and the blue for a dress suit. We have got to put on a clean suit every morning and send the dirty ones to the laundry. I have two blue ones and three white ones so there for I can keep clean. We have a place to take a shower bath every time we want and I take on every evening just feeling like it. I got a letter from John Prude the other day. Well I hope to get a ferlow for Christmas if not before I am going to [unreadable] one. Well I guess I had better close for now and the boys want to go up town they are here with me. I will send you some more of my pictures I think they are better than the other ones. Well amam have you all got the glads I send you all be shore and give one of them to Nora Bella Davis like I asked you to , well I must close for this time will write again when I get back t othe Island. I guess I have got a letter there from you when I get back well Mama am all write and don't you worry for I will take care of my self well by by your loving son.

Alfred Freen

Mary Island


U.S. Naval Training Camp

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