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July 15, 1918.

Dearest mama and Papa will write you all a few lines. I got your letter yesterday was glad to get it and to know you all are well. I am glad you all got my pictures they look funny with my hair cut off don't they. Yes I bet it is dry there now it hasn't rained here since I have been here but I do not get very hot. Well Mama I am well and feeling fine. I don't want you to worry about me for I am all right. Tell Miss John Prude I have written to them. Well Papa I wish I were there to help you with this work. I guess the girls are getting pretty tired of having aren't they. Tell Veda I was glad she wrote to me. You girls be good but I will send you a letter before long. This is good out here but it is not like home to me. I have had the blues all this week tp be back there but that won't last long. I hope to get on board before long for I want to see how the Ocean looks to me. I am just anxious to go. I bet Rex and them go get the training doing they. I have been getting a good little bit but not much lately. I like it better than I thought I would. Cody and Ragen is in the same barracks I am in now only they are fellows and I am upstairs see them every day. Well Mama I must close for this time will write again in a day or so. Answer soon your loving Son.

Alfred N. Green

Mary Island


U.S. Naval Training Camp

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