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July 14, 1926.

Dear Mildred,

Just a line in a hurry, I received your letter this morning and noted contents. Now if I were you Mildred I would write to the Collar Co. and tell them that if your order has not been posted would they please change the address and have them send to your house, and then your Mother can easily mail me one of them, for we are going to move next Monday (19th). Of course our mail will all be forwarded but there is always delay on packages and any way I will not need but one, and certainly if we were not moving I'd be glad to have them and work them for you.

I think you should have the name woven on tape for its very difficult to work with indelible ink and it does wash off after a while. Aunt Amelia has the address of the firm that makes them. I meant to get it from her yesterday but forgot it after all, you can write her for it, and do so right away for time flies.

I got a dress patten to-day and it calls for 3 7/8 yards for a dress but I am sure that 3 1/2 or 3 1/4 yds will be plenty.

I am afraid that I can't try for the material until to-morrow or Fri. Any way I will have them for you in time, but Mildred you must get oh your underwear, I think for the fall and winter you should wear those little ribbed vests a girdle and a brasserie of some kind and a combination step in the top and bottoms in one piece and you better get a pattern or copy one you can see in the store and get busy about making them while in Atlantic City for time passes very rapidly.

And Mildred if you think your dresses will do for the summer (remember there is still a good deal of the summer remaining + you must have clothe. You won't spend so much in the fall and when what you get now will be alright in the fall too. If you need a hat more, please take the money I have you and get what you can for the price. You can't save every cent you get and I have you that money to get some thing you needed. So if you know what kind of hat you want and its becoming, why get it.

Don't take one that just because it looks well on some one else you think you want it but see that its becoming to you. You need summer hats way into September. You must think such things out and don't try to copy other girls of course you must be a good sport and never let any one think that you are a piker, but take care of your health and your figure and remember you are preparing for great work.

How do you like this sample for a straight dress over perhaps a red slop. I have material enough for two dress. Mrs. Fox gave it to me so if you think it will look well on you and you would like a dress of it say so and I'll try to make it for you. Now I must close and get to packing its lots of fun and lots of work to move.


Aunt Anna

P.S. I really enjoyed Sunday very much. Write soon and be good have a good time.

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