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July 13, 1938.

My Dear Nelda: --

Yes, I quite agree with your idea of crowsing me, but Nelda, you know how I am. The things at hand are so seemingly important that I don’t take the time for the worthwhile.

I’ve been spending much time at home recently. I do very little and go very few places.Do Chicago practically every other weekend but aside from that I do nothing.

On the Fourth of July I went to Chicago on a Saturday evening. Sunday went swimming in Lake Michigan. Nelda, as we’ve never swam there you wouldn’t know how glorious it is, but believe me when I say it is that! The waves are large, but seemingly gentle -- the water -- cool and very refreshing. Then, Sunday evening I went to the Larutt Park Concert. The Chicago Civic Orch with Ada Belle Files -- contralto soloist. There, in the Band Shell, with the Lake in the Skyline, and a perfectly gorgeous sunset as a background, the concert was glorious. Then Monday night I went to the Federal Ballet -- three ballets were presented. One by Ruth Page, and one by Grace and Kurt Graff, all three people I know, the ballets were “An American Lantern” and “Frankie and Johnny” by Page -- and “Masques” by the Graffe. Masques was by far superb. In it was -- ‘The Dance of the Decrepids’ -- a ballet on crutches. Nelda it was worked first like a fugue -- with Dorothy Spenser (the understudy of Grace Graff who was put in two days before the opening when Grace hurt her back) - leading or doing the Solo and Dick Reed and Frankie Collandar -- repenting in heavier movement. They’re such swell kids, and have worked so hard that I was so happy to see their shows success I cried. It was swell.

And that is why I’ve been so content to stay at home between trips there. When I go up I’m so busy with things people plan for me that it really is a rest for me to come and just sit.

Friday four of the kids from the Ballet are coming here for the week-end -- We’ll spend it swimming - reading - golfing - and by all that Holy-roller-skating.

So that explains what I’ve been doing. Oh yes -- what I was so worked up over this spring was just fancy -- its all over now.

(Now Nelda, this has been one of these I - I - I letters so when I hear from you I want you to use all the terms I and me. Tell me what you and Kay have been doing. How, by the way, is Kay? I hope well. And if are , I’m so glad you’re better. Are you working?

Remember Nelda, if you and Kay come and this way and don’t stop I’ll be “awful” “mad” --

As Always


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