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January 8, 1913.

My Darling Wifey,

Oh Sweetheart how I long for you. Yesterday I followed you all of the way to St. Paul and if the train was not late I got there the same time you did. I kept thinking now she is in Heron Lake and so on until you got home.

Oh Darling Girlie how I hope you got there alright and that you were not so awful tired.

But then Dear I know you couldn’t help but be tired for I kept you up so late nights.

Oh sweetheart how I wish I could take care of you all the time and know then I wouldn’t let you get tired if I could help it.

Oh Dearie I feel I can only be as good to you as you deserve.

My own it is now after 11 so I must get to bed.

Feel these many goodnight kisses Dear and my whole heart is full of love for you.

Goodnight my sweetheart

Your Boykins


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