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January 3, 1914.

My Darling Harriet

I was more than glad to get your card. I have been with you ever since you left me at home been in my sleep. Oh how I hope nothing happens to you.

If I could only sleep I would be all right, but no such luck for me. Sweet heart you are oh so careful aren’t you.

I haven’t been myself since you left me, the best part of me is gone, my better half.

I wish I could tell you in words how much you are to me, how I would like to have you feel my heart for just one moment, you would know then how great my love for you is.

Poor Momma tried hard to cheer me up, and I tried to help her but it was no use, I couldn’t come out of it.

Dear heart you will write me and tell me just when you will be here won’t you, for I have got to see you as soon as you get back.

I hope you feel that way toward me.

Sweet Girlie be oh so careful and don’t forget your love sick boy. George

Oh darling I love you so.

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