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January 26, 1913.

Dear Girlie:

Two whole weeks and not one word from you.

I waited until Friday night and I could stand it no longer so I phoned to your mother to see if she had heard if you were sick or not. But she said you had not sent them a card the Saturday before and that you were all right then.

I felt a little better then, but after a while some thing else started to get hold of me so in order to get away from that I went up to a dance they had here. I thought I went up there maybe I could sleep after ward for I had an awful night Thurs.

It seemed that you were in an other bed in the same room with me, and that you were most awful sick.

Every few minutes I would find my self half way out of bed and sure I was standing in the middle of my room. I would hear you calling for something you wanted or for water.

Oh darling I have been worrying so if you only knew. I know you would have sent me just a few lines on Sunday or a war on card in answer to my letters.

I wonder what my Girlie was doing last Sunday that she couldn’t write to me to day or thought as much about me as I have her.

Maybe you will think I am a baby but I couldn’t and can help it.

It just seems as tho some thing awful has happened to you or that you _______________ Dearest I can’t write it, the very thing almost kills me.

Oh Darling I love you so If I can only be come the man you want me to be, so I will deserve you.

Sweetheart how I look forward to this Tuesday for you surely have written to me to day.

Goodnight Dearest Girlie in all the world to me.

Dear one just feel these many kisses can’t you tell they are given with my whole heart and soul.

Your lovesick, Boykins


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