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January 23, 1913.

My Darling Girl

Here it is Thurs. Night and not a word from you and the last I did hear you were coming down with pleurisy. Oh my very own what wouldn’t I give to know just you are to night.

But that is denied me.

Oh Darling if you would just have some one write me a few words.

I have not slept at all the last two nights and I don’t think it will do me any good to go to bed to night.

Oh Dear one it has been so hard for me to do my work, and why shouldn’t it when every indication is that you (the only Girl in the whole wide world for me) are awful sick.

How I haunt the Post Office and how I watch for every train to come in. Oh if I could get only a few words.

If you only knew how much I want to be taking care of you.

My prayers are that you will soon be well again and that you are not suffering very much.

My heart aches so I can hardly stand it.

Oh I hope you will soon be alright.

Goodnight my sweetheart if I were only there to take care of you the way I want you to be taken care of.

Goodnight my precious sweetheart.

Your lovesick Boykins,


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