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January 22, 1913.

My Dear Dear Harriet

Lonesome! Lovesick! + Blue! Mr. Boyman had a sale yesterday and I had to work late last night to get that balanced. I was going to write you then but I was so awful blue. (You just don’t know) that I couldn’t make my pencil work.

Oh Darling why didn’t I get your SUnday letter, I had been longing so for Tuesday to come thinking that I would only get some more then, but not a word. Tuesday morning or night and nothing Wednesday a.m. Dear on, the only one in the world for me, if you only knew how I long to hear from you.

I try not to think that you were to sick to write, but what should I think when I didn’t get my Sunday letter?

Oh Dearest if I just knew how you are, how much better then I would feel.

Maybe I wouldn’t tho, if you were sick as bad I am led to believe you are.

I am home waiting for momma to get dinner ready and she now has it here before me so I must eat and get back to work.

My Dear Dear Girlie please do tell me how you are, if you can’t write make E to send just a few words.

Oh how I long to have you here where I can take care of you.

Feel these many kisses given with much love, from your lonesome boykins.


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