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January 19, 1912.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

My Dear Wifey,

How I wish I was still making those 40 mile drives I use to make. Just to have you close.

How I would like to hold you in my arms and tell you of the great love that is burning in my heart.

Oh Darling I have been worrying about you so since I got your letter and have not heard any more from you as to how you are, just know you are sick alot. I have wanted to write so bad but I have been awful busy and just about sick alot with headache. Last night I aught to have worked but I had such a headache that I couldn’t and when I got to bed I couldn’t sleep on account of it. But I have been alright today.

Oh my own how I wish I knew just how you were.

Dearest do write + tell me.

Albert was up + changed his clothes to go see his Girl. I wish I could do the same. Oh if only he had a girl like I have.

Dearest this is one of those col stormy windy nights on which I long so to hold you in my lap in front of our fireplace, to hold you tight in my arms so you won’t get cold.

As to your praising me in your letter, oh if there only was more manliness to me.

I couldn’t blame any girl for hating me, I am so slow and dull.

Oh, darling I can’t understand how you can have any thing to do with me after being with the man you must meet out there, men that are bright and manly and have the character you say I have.

Dearest I wouldn’t blame you a bit if you would of turn me down, but how could I live through it.

Oh Darling how I wish I was what you said I was.

And as to what you said it would be, if hard work will make it of me I am going to try.

I wish I were at school where it could be putting in the hours to or better advantage, where if asked I would get more out of them.

All that I hope is that some day I will be good enough to deserve you.

Dearest don’t forget your lonesome boy, his every thought is of you and your welfare.

Goodnight my Dear Dear Sweetheart,

Your Lonesome, George

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