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January 17, 1942.

Hi Hon –

Well Gee! Zyg is biting nails his girlfriend didn’t show up yet and he’s pacing the floor — Oh, oh, there’s the telephone! Let’s wait and see what happened! It was Roy, no Opal (Zyg’s girl) Poor guy has a bad cold (I mean Roy)

Where’s your “Elma’s tune” on the Hit Parade! It’s first huh?! What do you think of Judy Garland marrying that old grandpop? Sappy I think! Especially when a guy like Mickey and myself are around! And listen I don’t want you to start making passes at “Clarky” now that he’s a single man again! – there goes De ban A – terrible!

You should see the car, sweet, I shined it all up today! It looks better than you ever saw it, now maybe I get get a few pickup’s huh?

Wow I can’t write a thing without making mistakes, I hope you can make this note out!

I vacuumed the rugs, mopped the floors, dusted and everything today! You really should see the place! And to top it off, Zyg made some soup! It wasn’t bad either!

Ufff – there’s “Rose O’Day”, I hate it like poision – and what’s the idea of calling me a fil a dach! — brrrr!

Such tastes for a wonderful girl like yourself! Why didn’t you call me the “Three little fishes” or “Nya Nya Little Fox” or something ?!

Hon, I hope you are still feeling that extra par! But I still think you need a vacation! What do you say?!? Darling I love you more and more every minute, if it’s possible for me love you anymore than I do! Anyway, your the fla a dach of my life!

I love you darling,


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