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January 16, 1942.

Hello Miss Betty,

You know down here you will be called, “Miss Betty”, that is, by the most polite persons. Better get used to it now!

Hey, Sugar and spice and everything that makes my teeth ache – you know what? Well, you wrote a letter the 14th and it was here by the 15th!! Boy, Uncle Sam is really going to town! He’s right on the job! And Hon, Darling, you are wonderful!! I received about 6 letters in about four days! Now that’s what I call a bit of alright!

But you are just that kind of a darling anyway, aren’t you?

Oooooo! Hon, I’ve got something to tell you! Poor old Papa Longmine got mixed up in a fight and boy you should see his mug! Black eye, swollen jaw, a split lip, he’s a mess!

You know, some people have all the luck! Guess what – Huh, Zyg’s girlfriend is coming to Ft. Worth for a visit, isn’t that going to be fun for me to see! I guess I’ll just hide away until the love scenes are all over with! Uh, how lonely I’ll feel, Hon, why don’t you take a much needed vacation? And we’ll make it a four-some!

Hon, I’ve cut down on my bowling, I only go one a week (when the team plays) of course that hurts my bowling in the long run but – gee, Hon, if I don’t stop writing and consent to play a game of dominos with the family, I think I’ll get shot!

Hon, Darling, I am so glad to hear that you feel so much better. And I love you so much! See if you can write me a real mushy letter! Okay? I’ll be waiting.

Love –


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