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January 12, 1913.

My Dear Dear Girlie

Oh Darling I wonder if you have longed for me as I have for you to day.

Oh how lonesome I am for you.

To night after supper I washed my head and had to stand home until it got dry. And while I was home little Margaret went to bed, she came over to me and had me unfasten her dress, the little dear.

And my own do you know what my thoughts were?

Oh Darling what wouldn’t I give to have you safe in my arms + be sure you were truly min, for Darling it just seems as tho every day you are gone I am loosing you that much more, it seems that you are being taken away from me, I don’t think it I just have that vague feeling that you will find some one more worthy of you, one you deserve. I don’t know what makes it but at times it comes creeping onto me and almost drives me wild. Oh Darling if I could only prove to you how much I love you and how I long to make you oh so happy.

Why am I not more like some other men.

My Dearest I am afraid I had better stop, for I am in a poor mood to write to the best little girl in this wide world. One that I love with my whole heart + soul.

Oh Darling if I could only hold you close in my arms and give you the many goodnight kisses, kisses given with oh so much love.

Goodnight Dear Dear Sweetheart

Your lonesome Boykins


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