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January 10, 1942.

Hello Betty Darling,

I wish I could think of a name that was suitable for such a sweet darling like yourself, I try all the time but I guess “What could be Sweet than Sweetheart?” Well, there must be something else, but I just can’t find it. Darling, how does it feel to have someone madly in love with you? Do you feel different? Gee, maybe I shouldn’t tell you all these things! Maybe you’ll just say “Heck, I know I’ve got him where I want him, so now I can start writing letters to the marines,” I hope that’s not the case! And it doesn’t sound like Betty Fowler, but you know, being aways for so long and everything, a fellow gets to wondering and then, when a girl very very very seldom tells a guy that she loves him, it makes him feel kinda blue and lonesome and then he sometimes finds tears in his eyes, then he’s got to stop and buck up and remember that only sissy cry. Still sometimes he can’t help it! What would you suggest that he does? Just go on hoping that the next letter he gets will confirm those precious “three little words”, or what?

I know a guy in this fix, and I think, seeing that I know him pretty well, that I out to help him, don’t you think?

It’s awful cold out today, I guess we feel it more because of the warm weather we’ve been having, brrrr!

We bowled last night, of course we won all three games! And I finally hit a score of 214 in one swing!

It’s 12:00 noon swet, I’d better see if I can get ready to go out for a bit.

I love you Darling, please tell me you love me!

I miss you terribly Betty,


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