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February 8, 1945.


APO 765

8 Feb 45


I think this will be the last blue slip from me for a little while. I’ve made arrangements, as I wrote before, for automatic monthly deductions to be sent to you by the Government and they should reach you with more regularity than I’ve been able to maintain through the Post office. I am anxious to learn when my first Personal Transfer Account check reaches you so I can determined the length of time required for transmitting funds home.

Many of the fellows have themselves tied down with excess payroll deductions and consequently are generally looking for blue slips in their mail as the cost of personal items (cognac, etc) often exceed the amount they draw monthly. I am glad that I can do it the other way and never need to look for slips from home.

Also included a little descriptive poem written by someone formerly stationed in Naples, Italy and perhaps it will convey to you a picture of that place I tried many times to convey to you. However, it really must be seen to be appreciated. No picture or poem can really cover it all, btu every line of the composition is true and correct – I know, I was there. This new location is much better in many ways, but even here many of the lines could be the same.

I must continue closing my letters with a sad note – still no prospect of getting home before the conflict is over or some other event occurs to change present regulations. That doesn’t change my love for you or my great desire to be with you again and live as a normal being once more.


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