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February 28, 1943.

Hi George

I guess this is a surprise hearing from me, I would of wrote before this but I didn’t know your address.

So Hartman gave it to me and he sent me the pictures boy they were good except the one with us all on. So they one Sam Trap with all on is really good and he’ll send him one.

When I left Reading I didn’t expect to see Florida, but its not the Florida I read about Sunny my eye its cold as hell at times of course we are along the gulf coast, this the the truth we had a thin coat of ice on pools of water here.

So this must be the asshole of Florida, ha ha. We will be leaving here shortly but don’t know where and we don’t care either as long as its away from this hole.

How is everything going old boy, do you get down on the farm much tell your Mother + Father I am asking about them. In fact I expect both Sam + I to go hunting this year with you + Roy down there, boy i Hear we are having chicken for mess boy its tough as seagulls in fact I believe sometime they feed us seagulls, ha ha.Boy I didn’t see any game here at all and I get around quite a bit, there is no place like home, did Roy get down to see you since we left, he said he was going down to see.

Well George I guess that’s all for now except I made technical corporal last month so I’m getting the money boy Sam expect to make staff Sergeant by the first of March I can’t catch up with him ha ha.

Well here is wishing you the best of luck old boy and don’t drink to much.

From your pal,

Malcolm A. Pounder

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