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February 23, 1913.

My own Dear,

Sweetheart I know you have wanted some more letters last week, but dear I have been having an awful time with my cash, and it put me behind some with my work.

We had a bad snow storm here Friday, and oh how I wanted to be home with you that night. I always long for you so long to be with you when it storms, it seems as tho we can have each other more then, because we are shut out from everything.

I have been working hard to day, but thank goodness I have felt good.

I had to shovel the snow off the roof and crawl in to the furnace to fix the grates.

Dear heart what have you been doing to day, I have seen you helping with the meals and playing with the baby, and this afternoon you were studying, but I hope you are in bed now.

They expect to use the church next Sunday, and I am going to turn over a new leaf then and start going again.

I wish you were here to see it they have the walls painted a deep yellow brown, and they have a border stenciled in green and red, and the two big windows are something magnificent.

Do I love you dear? Oh sweetheart if I could only tell you how much I do. But it is just like in the Harvester He couldn’t tell her what the love was, he wanted, it was and is a matter of feeling and seeing. Sweetheart I might write lots of words but none of them could express the feeling I have for you.

Darling you said “if you were within walking distance you would _ _ _ _ _ _” Dearest do you supposed that you would have to do the walking, I would like to know how they would keep me home if you were within riding distance.

My Dear why can’t the year to come have the same sweetness, that our first two years had. Is it because you think, I have changed or is it, that you are just a little disappointed in me, that I am not quite what you thought I was.

It would be perfectly natural for you to have this feeling after the schooling you are getting and after meeting the real men you meet up there.

You wrote “I can remember that I was happy in just looking at you and realizing that you had really given your whole heart to me. And these years have proved it now fully than I then thought.” Those lines seem to say “Geo! I can no longer be happy in looking and realizing that your heart is all mine, you must hurry and make something more of yourself.”

And then again I think I read between the lines, that you think, when I get out to earn our living that I will forget my dear wife and home.

God forbid that I ever do that. Oh my own dear Girlie if I can only make you happy.

My sweetheart it is most awful cold up here so I must stop now.

Oh how I wish I could tell you how I love you. Dearest you know my whole heart + souls wholly yours don’t you dear?

Oh if I could only hold you in my arms and give you the kisses I am sending.

Goodnight my sweetheart and don’t forget how much you lonesome boykins loves you.

Goodnight my very own.

Your very own Boykins,


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