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February 10, 1943.

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Wednesday Office -- 4:30

Darling --

Will you forgive me the pencil -- just this once? My pen has been borrowed (I’ll filche it for the envelope) and I’m afraid asking for it may mean an interruption for a re-borrowing in a few minutes.


4:50 -- So it goes --

Your letter was a wonderful surprise this A.M. -- and it did make record time. ‘Twas postmarked the afternoon of the 8th -- Monday -- and I got it first thing this morning. After all is said and done -- do write to the office if you’d rather trust the time element that way -- it’s really been working very well the times you’ve written.

And your news -- darling -- wonderful! No -- I shan’t go to counting days as I did before -- I’ll just be so wonderfully happy and surprised if you do go to Knox for special training. As usual, you were sweet to speed the word along. If things really work out, this letter (?) maybe trailing you -- eh? As will the one I’ll write tonight -- the one I look forward to writing all day -- my hour with you!

I’m still amazed though, with the way the army handles its transfers -- seems like gigantic shuffle in which anything may happen. Yes -- I know it’s a vasty efficient machine for the most part, and that it does have almost insurmountable problems -- but gosh -- “they” are working with human beings -- not just cards to be tossed in the wind. Think it would do a lot for morale if a fellow knew that some things definitely would happen at a given time -- that there was a possibility that others might happen at an approximate time, and that there was extreme doubt that others would ever happen. Sort of a broad curriculum type of affair.

There -- guess I’ve done my service of running our military set up for today.

Interruption again -----

(tell you tonight)


Almost quittin time -- I’ve been lazing along all afternoon -- well -- part of it anyway. It’s a dreary, rainy day, but while I expected a blizzard we have a soft spring -- like rain -- or do I only feel balmy? At any rate I haven’t much of a guilty conscience -- I’ve been doing quite a bit of overtime on the side -- unbeknownst to folks in general. ‘Nuff on that, too.

Adie better still today, but there’ll be no wedding for a week or two. Her temperature has dropped, but she’s going to feel weak-ish for a while.

S’long darling. It’s wonderful not to have to say “goodnight” now!

All my love dear,

Your Alana

P.S. Glad we found out wires work so well!

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