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Favorite Found Letter Stories: Pt. 2

Readers of the monthly Flea Market Newsletter will be familiar with "Collector Corner" where I share found letter stories that hit my inbox during the month. In September of 2021 I pulled together a handful of the heart-melting stories in a Favorite Found Letters Stories post and to wrap up the year thought we'd do it again!

"What I Learned From World War II Love Letters Between A Soldier & His Girl"

When the author's grandfather passed away, they discovered a once-in-a-lifetime love story via letters. Click here to read.

Source: Your Tango

"Love letters from Second World War found in Innisfil home make their way back to family"

Over the years this Canadian woman has been piecing together her parents WW2 letters thanks to neighbors and kind samaritans. Click here to read.

"Woman returns old love letters from the 1960s to former air hostess"

This one is for fan's of this year film release "The Last Letter from Your Lover"! When New Yorker Chelsey Brown purchased a series of love letters from 1960 she set about returning the treasure. Click here to read.

"Postcard arrives 53 years late; Rossmoor native sees it as love letter from beyond"

When her mother was dying, the recipient of a posthumous postcard asked for a sign from her next adventure. So when a postcard arrived 53 years late, you can imagine there were a few tears! Click here to read.

Source: The OCR.

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