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December 8, 1912.

My Dear Darling Girlie:

You will think I have forgotten you altogether so far from it Dear. If you only know how I have longed to write to you, but my own I have been working until 12 + 1 o’clock and the long ride on the train makes me so tired.

When I got here there was Wednesdays and Fridays work to do. They had been awful busy while I was away. Not only that but then came the 1st of the months work and that was awful busy. So my Dear Girlie don’t think that I might have found time to write just a note any way.

Oh Darling ( my very own are you not?) how I have longed to have you. How much more easy it would be to do my work if I could only have you near or if after I was throu I would go to you and have you and put your Dear arms around my neck and kiss me. Oh Dear one if I could only tell you how much I love you.

How I would like to know how you are, Dear are you sure that that fall didn’t hurt you more than you said. And Dearie how do you feel how is you heart.

Oh Dearest how I long to take you and take care of you the way I want you to taken care of. How I long for our home where I could hold you in my lap in front of the fire place these cold gray nights and tell you of my love for you.

Dear are you coming home on Saturday the 21st if you are I will try and have my work done up by train time so I can take you home from there, but maybe you would rather I wouldn’t, so you could have a little time with the folks first. Oh Darling how I would like to meet you at the train.

How I wonder what you have been doing today have you thought so much about me as I have about you?

I must stop Dearest and get to bed.

My very own Dear Girlie you won’t forget how much I love you will you dear? If I was only a better letter writer and could tell you I would like to hon much I love you.

Dearest just feel these many kisses given with so much love. Can’t you feel them my own? Goodnight sweetheart.

Your lone some Boykins, Geo

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