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December 25, 1913.

Dear Harriet, -

I have just had the best Christmas today. Our family always does make a great deal of Christmas but this year was the best ever. I was over at [letter “A” inside triangle symbol] open meeting last week and saw some of my very dear friends, Wallace included. I hear Hunt had a spasm the other day and decided he could not honor K.C. with his presence. I’m glad of it but well -- I won’t say that I think about it.

We had our Cautata last night in the church. It was very well attended and the performance was very creditable. I was in the Posteau, and my solo, sung in a U.S. mailman’s suit with exquisite feeling and technique, was the best part by far of the evening. That is one of Cicero’s sentences. Take it any way, its quite a mess.

After the Cautata, the choir went out in a big truck and sang Christmas Carols in various parts of the city. It was all kinds of fun but pretty cold. That reminds me, skating is fine. My kid bruder and I are going to lake Calhoun tomorrow. I don’t start working again until Monday so am going to make the most of these two days. Folks about busy. I’ve got engagements for the next year in advance, it seems to me.

We had a dandy 15 pound turk today and everything that goes with it and I’m packed to the hoops (original) The presents I received were many and various, mostly useful of which I am sincerely glad. I got a peach of a leather travelling set. This paper got I also.

Now Harriet, you old dub, get a lot out of that convention. You need something like that. Now, for Pete’s sake, brace up and make a man of yourself. It certainly will be a great opportunity and you must make the most of it. I did a very bright thin yesterday; left father’s present down in the store. I think it’s better to string out our presents tho; and not give them all at once. You should see the big stocking full I got this morning you just bet it was the biggest one in our house too.

Well I have said nothing in this epistle but what could you expect.

I am sure you have had a Merry Christmas and I wish for you a New Year full of happiness and good fortune.

I will be very glad to hear from you.

Your Friend

Irving H. Williams

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